November 2022 Munch

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The ClubFEM NYC Munch provides a safe, fun, social environment for newcomers to meet and socialize with members of ClubFEM NYC in order to learn about the Club and meet others in the lifestyle.

Be sure to review the ClubFEM NYC rules before attending an event.

For Virtual Meetings: All attendees must be fully clothed but otherwise, the dress code is whatever makes you comfortable.

For In-Person Meetings: Because these meetings are held in public places, please adhere to the rules and do not dress in fetishwear or expect any BDSM play. Business or business-casual is appropriate for the gentlemen.

General Tips for Attending the Munch:

  • Dress to impress (no sneakers or ripped jeans, please)
  • Use your best manners
  • Prepare a short introduction about yourself, and what you have to offer the members of ClubFEM NYC.


  • You must, at a minimum, be a candidate for membership (see here) to get an invitation to munches and parties.
  • You will receive a personal invitation to a munch or party through Eventbrite.
  • An RSVP on the FetLife event page does not guarantee you an invitation to the event.
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Event Details

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

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