For Men:

All submissive men must be sincere in their interest in serving and learning from the dominant women of ClubFem. This is not a dating service, although members have met their mates at our gatherings. All prospective male members must fill out a sub application explaining what they have to offer and why they want to be a member of ClubFem. If you know a member of the club, please use them as a reference in your application. Upon receipt, a member of the ClubFem NYC Advisory Council will get in touch with the prospective member for further inquiry, or with an invitation to the next munch, which is held in a public restaurant. When a new male member has attended three munches, or at the discretion of one of the members of the Advisory Council, he may be invited to attend one of the ClubFem parties.

For Women:

ClubFem is an organization of lifestyle dominants. While some of our members are pro-dommes (and we welcome them), the purpose of this organization is a social sisterhood and camaraderie, and this is not a professional club. Prospective female members are requested to write a Letter of Introduction to the Head Mistress explaining their interest in joining the group. Upon approval, she will be invited to the next munch

From Candidate to Member:

After you’ve been accepted as a candidate, you are will soon be invited to munches. Munches are held every second Friday of the odd month at a local restaurant in Manhattan. You will receive an invite via Eventbrite.

When a candidate has attended three munches (or at the discretion of the Head Mistresses) they may be invited to attend ClubFEM parties.

You will not be considered for full membership until you have attended a minimum of two ClubFEM NYC parties.